Our honeymoon destination: The Mendocino Farmhouse


The main house


Our beautiful cottage


Of course, no trip would be complete without making friends with the local wildlife.


Perhaps a bit too friendly...




Poor Sage feels neglected.



The inside of our cottage...



...complete with a place to hang my hat.


Ok, so we forgot to pack any silverware.
Ariel makes due with the teaspoon we found next to the tea set.



...While Troy munches on an apple.



Figuring out how we get back home.


Reading by firelight.


Our honeymoon champagne.


...adding our cork to those who have gone before us.


A perfect fit.



Not too chilly for a bit of a stroll.






The local fauna keep a close eye on us.



I swear there are frogs in this pond somewhere.


The wind sounds wonderful whispering through the trees.


The garden is beautiful, and Ariel visits every flower like a bee.
















Some bees beat her to these ones.





The only chicken we'll see on our trip.


What's tied to this tree?


We are.






That's a mighty fine hat you've got there.








A fuzzy critter tries to cross the road, so Troy lends him a hand.





We hear there's an awesome waterfall in Russian Gulch, so we decide to investigate...








I expect to see an Ewok any minute...



A big burnt out tree that doesn't seem to notice its run out of insides.


All hail the mighty Cthulhu tree!


No four leaf clovers, but we're already pretty lucky.


Hey, wasn't there supposed to be a waterfall around here somewhere?


This looks a bit more promising...




That's it?



Oh well, at least we found this cool looking denty bug.











I wonder why they call it Glass Beach?


Attack of the 50ft. Wife!







Oh look, a bit of a crab!



We make our mark on the world (at least until high tide).






Apparently, Mendocino's courthouse was first founded by a winged viking with a sea gull on his head.


The church steeple.


Yes, we strolled through a graveyard on our honeymoon.
Nothing wrong with that!






No relation (that we know of)



Just following instructions, maam.





Awash in a sea of hats!


No trip to Fort Bragg would be complete without a blackberry feast!



...And homemade wedding pie!




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